Wooden jigsaw puzzles

Starting from 300 copies

Wooden jigsaw puzzles

A bespoke, printed wooden jigsaw is a beautiful, durable product. The puzzle pieces are made from FSC-certified wood and are sturdy and durable at 3 mm thick. Additionally, there is flexibility in the number of puzzle pieces because these puzzles are laser cut and not punched with a jigsaw punch.

Special puzzle pieces

Laser cutting doesn’t only provide flexibility in the number of puzzle pieces but also offers the possibility, should you so wish, of determining the shape of one or more puzzle pieces.

So, you could have a puzzle piece in the form of your company logo, for example. This makes your puzzle even more targeted at your company or organisation.


A nice puzzle deserves nice packaging. That’s why our wooden jigsaw puzzles come in a sturdy, bespoke-printed puzzle box as a standard. Both the base and the lid can be printed entirely according to your wishes.

From as few as 300 copies

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