Jigsaws in puzzle boxes

Starting from 20 copies

Jigsaws in puzzle boxes

Your very own printed jigsaw looks best packaged in a proper puzzle box. Let us print this for you in full-colour to the design of your choice. Another way to convey your message optimally!

Jigsaws in puzzle boxes attract lots of attention, are original and are often kept for a long time. We can deliver jigsaws in puzzle boxes from as few as 20 copies.


Photo puzzle

A beautiful, high-contrast image not only conveys your company or message in an appealing way, but also provides a fun-to-assemble jigsaw.

Puzzle with a drawing

A jigsaw puzzle made from a drawing is a unique way of communicating about your organisation and conveying your message. You could choose a cartoon puzzle with all sorts of funny details, for example. And we can even help you find a cartoonist.

Puzzle with a collage

A collage lets you present all the different facets of your organisation or product. Be confident of an attractive lay-out uniting a range of images in a single, coherent whole.

From as few as 20 copies

Delivery as soon as 14-15 working days

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