Jigsaws on board

Starting from 40 copies

Jigsaws on board

The puzzle pieces of a jigsaw puzzle on board are put together on a cardboard board, packaged together in foil. We can print a jigsaw puzzle entirely to your wishes, including the board, should you so wish.

Puzzles on board fit inside standard envelopes so they’re an ideal choice for mailings and invitations. But they can also be used as giveaways, at trade fairs, for example.

We can deliver some types of puzzles on board from as few as 40 copies.


Puzzle with frame

Here the puzzle pieces on the carboard base are encased in a frame approximately 20 mm wide. You can opt to attach the frame to the board. 250 copies is the minimum order for this type of plano puzzle.

Puzzle without a frame

Our best-selling plano jigsaw. No frame but puzzle pieces packaged on a cardboard base. Some types can be delivered from as few as 40 copies.

From as few as 40 copies

Delivery as soon as 14-15 working days

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