Print your own jigsaw puzzles

Promopuzzel prints puzzles to your own design in a variety of shapes and sizes. These can be packaged on a cardboard base or in a beautiful puzzle box printed with the design of your choice.
Personalised jigsaw puzzles are an original way of shining a spotlight on your company or organisation. To put the puzzle together, the pieces must be carefully examined one-by-one. That means lots of focused attention on your message! And if your product, service or activity has anything to do with connecting, merging, building or developing, then a puzzle is the perfect metaphor.

Our products

Promopuzzel can produce various sorts of puzzles for you.

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Looking for other games?

Go to our sister website, Fortuna, for a wide range of different sorts of games printed according to your wishes, including card games, quartets, memory games and board games. Some games can be printed from as few as 75 copies.

Create my

bespoke puzzle

We’d be only too happy to help you design your own puzzle!